Growing my belly

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I feel like I was born like this, attracted to fat people for as long as I can remember. I often question why I’m like this and I really think it’s weird…but I love it.

not so weird but was certaintly born this way and love it!

Anonymous asked: do i see a little double chin forming? swooooon


Anonymous asked: How many tacos can you eat in a single sitting?

Hmmmm about 8 I’m guessing :b

Anonymous asked: gosh, i'd love to be your feeder. I'd spoil you every single day.

Be my feeder

I can honestly say gaining is what makes me happiest. I adore my soft and jiggly body. I love every extra pound and inch I add to my belly making it rounder and wider with every bite. I don’t ever think I’ll stop gaining. :)

I love when people tell me how fat I’ve gotten. Haha yesterday I was eating at McDonald’s and an old friend saw me and said “looks like you’ve been eating here often” I laughed because it’s true.

Anonymous asked: It's nice to see you post a flood of pictures. It shows that you're itching to completely give in and just let yourself get big. If you keep fixating on it like this it will only increase your desire until it becomes an obsession. Or is it already an obsession?

Oh my fat is my obsession